2019 Walk Ahead for a Brain Tumor Cure

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Don't forget to sign up for this years event, October 20th. Early registration ends October 1st.

Walker/Runner= $40 (after Oct 1st, $45)
Child= $10 (after Oct 1st, $15)
Volunteers= No Fee

Our team goal is $1,000 this year.

Why I walk

Join me as I support the UC Brain Tumor Center at the 2019 Walk Ahead on October 20!

This will be our teams second year being apart of this great cause.

My stepfather journey and why I walk:

Al had not been feeling well, he went to his primary doctor twice who claimed he had a “sinus infection”. Weeks went by and symptoms were not getting better. Al was visiting a client of his who happened to be a doctor, this client came out and did a simple hand test and ordered Al to go get an MRI immediately. Al didn’t respond to this very quickly. In November 2015, Al was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma brain tumor. Al was surrounded with a wonderful medical team at UC & Mayfield, the doctors were successfully able to remove the whole tumor. Al did loss his hearing in one ear which caused a balance issue that he has been continuously working on still to this day.

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